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Business Law

Support for owners, executives and managers in all facets of modern business.

Technology Law

Specialised insight and risk management strategies from an active consultant and educator in the  technology space.

eSports and Emergent Technology

Get advice from someone who understands the industries like eSports, VR and AR. From CS:GO to Pokemon Go – I talk the language and understand the unique issues.

Legal Network

Have a particularly big job? As part of  Rouse Lawyers, more lawyers are available if needed.

A non-traditional model for legal services.


Engaging lawyers shouldn’t be hard. If you’ve got a problem, you need it fixed. You don’t want to be paying for phone calls and extra appointments just to work out that you need to spend more money actually solving the problem. That’s why, where possible, much of my work is either fixed-fee or in my capacity as ‘virtual legal counsel’ for companies. It gives you surety of costs and me the ability to just get on with the work!


Where Can I Help?

Negotiations, Agreements and Business Advisory

Company structuring, investment, drafting and reviewing contracts, building commercial frameworks, settling on multi-party terms, employment and contractor agreements and ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Technology and the Internet

Website terms and conditions, Intellectual Property protection, confidentiality and NDAs, technology acquisition, licensing and implementation, software, hardware and web development, open-source, tenders and due diligence. I also act for clients in many areas of the growing eSports scene – and still have the occasional competitive match myself.

Anticipating and Minimising the Impact of Regulation and Compliance

Policies and procedures, open-source licensing, risk-mitigation advice, privacy and security obligations and best practices, technology assistance requests and technology capability notices strategies and responses.

Advice and Representation When Conflict Arises

Complaints responses, employee management, claims against other parties, responding to litigation, mediation and arbitration, general advice on litigation and managing conflict.

When should I consider getting advice?

Obviously, as a lawyer I’d always recommend you get help when doing something that involves people and business. However, these are some instances when I’d strongly recommend getting a review.  Prevention is almost always better than a cure and a small amount spent now can mean huge savings in the future.

You're starting a company, taking investment or launching a product.

Whether you’re just starting out, canvassing investors or getting ready to launch, time and planning now can save a lot of headaches down the line. I work with many early stage companies (in many unique areas) to help them get the right structures, agreements and strategies in place to succeed in the long run. I’m a big believer in ‘tiered’ work – so I’ll normally help identify what you need now, what you need soon and what can probably wait.

You're negotiating agreements, services or partnerships

When doing business with other parties, it’s important to make sure you’re maximising your position and minimising your risk. Countless times I’ve had people come and see me after signing an agreement, only to have me point out several big negatives or considerations that have been missed completely. Considering many of these agreements last several years, it’s imperative to get legal advice before signing on the dotted line.

Your contracts or policies haven't been reviewed recently

When things go wrong, the first thing people refer to (and courts look at) are the documents which govern how things were done. From employment contracts to partnership agreements, governing documents are important. When you add in the constant shifts in legislation which can potentially invalidate sections of contracts or policies, it’s important to keep your documents up to date and regularly reviewed.

You don't have a robust digital risk management strategy

Recent data breaches like Equifax and Marriot’s Starwood have taught us that protecting your digital real estate and having strategies in place to manage any risks is becoming increasingly important. A robust digital risk management strategy will not only help you in minimising your company’s risk, but also help mitigate any liability should the worst happen.

Your business involves the internet or communications

On top of having robust data management policies, privacy policies, terms of use and service agreements, you must now consider the impact of the Assistance and Access Bill. If your company in any way involves the internet or communications, you could be forced to submit to invasive surveillance and risk data breaches without any avenue for dispute. You can read more about the AA Bill in my in-depth analyses here.

Part of Rouse Lawyers.

Rouse Lawyers is a new style of law firm. Our role is to get the best possible deal for you, considering all the unique factors that give your business the edge. We work in partnership - and pride ourselves on having an intimate knowledge of what makes you and your business tick. We're a full service commercial law firm, with business-savvy legal experts, but minus the ivory towers.

My Approach

Having spent time in the start-up world and working part-time as a consultant in emergent technology, I’ve got a broad perspective on the ‘bigger picture’. Often, lawyers get bogged down in the detail or don’t consider commercial realities. I’m much more concerned about what your business actually needs, and have the background to provide meaningful and timely advice.

 A large body of my work involves companies which use technology as a key part of their business – because that’s my passion. Between running a technology podcast, providing educational courses in blockchain technology and even spending time deploying servers, developing software and tinkering far too much on my Linux installs, I’ve got a unique perspective on modern technology and business.

 I make it a point to get to know your business and understand what your unique needs and motivations are. I’m a strong believer that a legal advisor should feel more like a partner than a contractor – someone directly interested in you and your business succeeding.

How It Works

Schedule a 1:1

 I meet with you (and your leadership team) to discuss your business, where you’re at and where you’re heading. From there, we work out a strategy and if there’s anything immediate that needs to happen, I’ll provide a quote. Schedule an appointment here.


Fixed Fee Work

If the work required is confined and discrete, I’ll provide you with fixed fee quotes to get it done. Unlike most law firms which provide estimates, the fixed fee quote can’t be exceeded, giving you certainty about how much you’ll be paying.

Virtual Counsel

If your work is more long-term, or you’re looking to have a lawyer on your team without employing one full time, it may be that a fixed-cost, ‘virtual’ in-house counsel arrangement may suit better.

Want to know more or arrange an initial conference?